Mylec MK5 Pro Carbon Composite Stick

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INTRODUCING THE MK5 THE LATEST IN STICK TECHNOLOGY The new state-of-the-art MK5 composite stick features a DURATECH carbon composite shaft with concave side walls for ideal handling, and a mid-kick point for enhanced ball control, and a foam core blade with added ABS insert on the bottom for enhanced durability on all surfaces.

Senior model available in 2 blade patterns (S19 – Mid/ Open Curve / N61 – Mid to Heel Curve) Both are 85 Flex / 60". Junior model available in 1 blade pattern (S19 – Mid/Open Curve) 50 Flex / 54". Weight is Appx. 1.75 lbs.

(Please note to check with respective Dek leagues as not all approve of the abs blade system)